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Welcome to the world of “ Faltu photo”

Hello and welcome to the world of “Smile and Joy”,  Welcome to the world of “ Faltu photo” , 

"Faltu Photo" is a collection of spontaneously clicked photo / Images which bring smile, Images which brings Joy , from innocent smiling people doing their job to mistake in Public Notice boards , to deliberately bitter “Puneri pattis “ ,


Note: The site is still under construction , and as of now we have not allowed any users Interaction, but be sure soon you will be able to upload your own photos with different tags, soon you will be able to discuss the effect of image , and put comments,

Many more innovative ideas are in incubator ,  

Till that time , if you have any suggestion or some “faltu photo” of your own  which you want to share with world  please send your  to Admin@faltuphoto.com .

Keep a check on this site,

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Dhananjay Joshi


April 2014

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